Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27th

Hello again!

Woke up in Fort Stockton, TX to a very cold 24 degree foggy/icy start! Luckily for us, most of the bad weather either trailed us or was up North. The 4 hr ride to San Antonio was uneventful, displaying a vaste landscape that was constantly changing, from open prairie to forested plains. It was great arriving in a big city...I'm just not a country girl! We stayed at the River Walk Plaza which is located in the heart of the Riverwalk district of Downtown. A few steps below the city streets, we took the River Walk which was a pleasant (though very cold last night) stroll. The tree-lined footpaths, romatically lighted at night follow landscaped riverbanks bordered by nightspots, restaurants, galleries and craft shops. Our choice last night was Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub! A no brainer for this Irish woman!
Today, we are headed to see the Alamo and then begin a 3 hr ride to Houston!! Once again glad we're taking the southern route....the original schedule would have put us in Oklahoma today in the middle of icy storms!


  1. Hey you Happy Wanderers!
    Fran & I will be arriving in New Orleans on Sunday and need a fast ride from the airport on the west side of town to the docks on the southeast side of town. Do you suppose you could give us a lift? We won't have any time to talk except for during the ride, but we figured you might not mind going out of your way to save the ol super skinflint a cabfare!

    Be Careful Out There!

  2. When do you arrive? Anything is possible for a skin flint///

  3. Davey, Davey Crocket, King of the Wild Frontier!!!

    I bet Gayle and Jeff sang this ditti as they marched through the alamo!!!!