Friday, January 23, 2009

Subject: Gayle & Jeff Day 1 Adventure from Pasadena to Raleigh - Blythe CA

Just wanted you all to know Jeff and I have started our trip home. We are planning on taking the southern route due to winter weather. After a fun filled week of saying good byes to our favorite places we left Pasadena today and believe it or not.... in the pouring rain which made it much easier to leave! We are going to take our time and see as much as we can over a 2 week period.
Today we stopped in Palm Springs and had a late we were approaching Palm Springs we went through the San Gergonio Pass which is one of the windiest areas in the world, making it an ideal setting for wind turbines. These turbines generate nearly 600 million kilowatt hours every year...enough to meet the needs of nearly 250,000 people.
We find it amazing how each town in California takes on a totally different look as Palm Springs does. We often said we would do a w/e there but never did and after visiting it we are sorry we didn't....lots of cute shops, restaurants....! After lunch we moved on to our final destination for the night, Blythe, Calif (close to the Arizonia border)....glad we had a short 3 1/2 hr drive today.....with packing the car (which by the way is quite full). At dusk we ran into a lot of heavy rain in the middle of the desert it was quite rewarding to reach our hotel! Jeff found Blackstone merlot to be his best friend after driving in the rain.
We will write you as much as we can to keep you all updated...hope you enjoy hearing from us!
Tomorrow we leave for Phoenix/Scottsdale, Az!!
Gayle & Jeff

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