Sunday, January 25, 2009

Late Saturday morning we headed for a short trip from Blythe CA to Phoenix, Az. I drove and with the speed limit at 75 mph it was a quick drive! Phoenix is a medley of Mexican-American, Native American and American West cultures ….. and definitely home of the cowboy! We toured the city, passed the Arizona State Capital and stopped for lunch on the patio of My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. Afterwards we drove to South Mountain Park which contains 16,500 acres of peaks, canyons and strange rock formation as well as native Arizona flora. We drove to the crest of South Mountain to Dobbins Lookout which gave a spectacular view of the city. It was hard to hold Jeff back….I needed John or Dan there to hike the trails with him!
Onward to Scottsdale, AZ where we spent the night. Scottsdale is a very yuppie spot with a lot of shopping and dining….we walked around Old Town but unfortunately for me and luckily for Jeff, the shops were closed. We ate dinner on the outside patio (love the patio) at Malee’s, a Thai Bistro. Gayle has become quite the cosmopolitan person!
We finished the evening with a glass (?) of wine sitting at a gazebo in the hotel courtyard.
Tomorrow we head for Las Cruces, New Mexico, located very close to the Mexican and Texas border.
Based on the wintry weather forecast more North, we are glad we listened to Al, Jeff’s brother, long distance trucker, who said to take the southern I-10 route.
Enjoy the pictures!
Love Gayle and Jeff

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  1. Watch out for those border guards! If you can look over the fence, catch a glimpse of the Rio Grande. It most likely will be a few feet wide this time of year. Just standing on this side and looking across the border is a life lesson!

    Get along little doggies!