Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello everyone! It is Monday night, Jan 26th….not too much to report today. We left Las Cruces, NM and drove through El Paso, TX. It is located on the Mexican border and a popular winter tourist destination because of its international feel and warm and dry climate. It was very windy but reached 79 degrees today! Throughout our drive we saw miles and miles of Egyptian cotton, pecan trees in perfectly straight rows, and chiles being grown.
We stopped for lunch in the middle of nowhere, in a town of 3,000 called Ft Safford! We poked our heads into a cinder block restaurant a 100 yards or so off the highway called Angie’s. We decided that it might be the last place to eat for a long time. We met Angie who makes her own salsa fresh every day and we saw a note from 1991 that “without a risk of contradiction we said it was one of the best salsa we have ever had!” It was just OK… Moving on, much of the terrain was prairie, with cattle here and there and occasional rest stops with picnic tables but no restrooms….figure that out (Texans have great bladders)? The good news is that the speed limit was 80, so the miles really rolled by! What a great expanse of land in West Texas.
We stopped tonight in Fort Stockton, TX and yes we’re still in the middle of nowhere! We ate at K-Bob’s Steakhouse which hit the spot. Looking forward to the big city of San Antonio tomorrow!


  1. Hi Gayle/Jeff
    Happy to hear you are moving right along. We have friends in LasCruces.
    Sounds like not scenic enough to snap a few. As you see I'm on with Google. Now San Antonio, that's a winner of a, drink, and be merry there.

  2. Hello cousins -

    This sounds like too much fun! I wish I could be there. Safe travels!