Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009
Last night we had a great time catching up with Kristen & Dan at their place in Myrtle Beach. It was great seeing them again and being so close to home. We said our good byes to them today and headed for Raleigh around noon. It was really nice seeing the Wake County sign and then the Raleigh sign and really nice when we pulled into Sherry's driveway! A special treat was seeing Scott (he flew in from Washington DC today)! It's going to take some settling in before we realize we truly are back! What a blast we had and truly will go down as one of the best adventures we have ever done! As we looked back today we came up with some conclusions:
Best city.....New OrleansBest state....New MexicoBest restaurant....Arnaud's in New Orleans French QuarterWorse potential disaster.....letting our GPS guide us to the heart of the drug district in Charleston, SC. We got out of there fast after seeing drug sales on each corner and guys drinking whiskey walking down the street...Fun times......meeting people from all over the worldGreat bonding moments.....enjoying the trip with Jeff

Thanks for all the blog comments and emails we got and look forward to catching up with our friends here in Raleigh soon...
And we are hatching some plans to continue this trip in a month or so by heading North this time (depending on Jeff's job situation)...stay tuned!

And saving the best for last a word of thanks to my sister Sherry for opening up her home to us. That lady has a big heart...


  1. Or, she may simply be demented!!!!!

  2. Hi Jeff and Gayle...I luuuuuv Savannah and Charleston - hmmm! She-crab soup!
    Okay, who is this strange woman commenting? I'm your friend Dan's first cousin. Been hearing about y'all for years and here we are in the same City of Oaks and have never met!
    I love to travel and love reading travel blogs. It's been awhile since I've been here, but I'll be baaaaack!

    Deborah in Raleigh